Damian Peach


Having owned and used Celestron telescopes specifically the 9.25”, 11” and 14” aperture Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes I have nothing but praise for these instruments. The area of Astronomy in which I am involved places high demands on the equipment. Over the past 10 years I’ve used these telescopes for my programs of high resolution imaging of the planets so have had a vast amount of real user end experience in an area of astronomy that places high demands upon the equipment.

These telescopes embody many qualities. User friendliness, portability, and both good optical and mechanical qualities – all vital aspects of any telescope we hope to use for serious astronomy. Over the years I’ve had many newcomers ask me for telescope advice and on many occasions I’ve recommended Celestron telescopes, especially the C9.25 model which is a superb all round performer delivering a level of performance beyond what one would think In an extremely portable and user friendly package.

There are not many pieces of equipment I can truly recommend but these telescopes are most certainly among them. They have given me countless hours of observing pleasure over the years and I have no doubt they’ll provide many more such experiences in the years ahead.


Damian Peach.